Picture this… waking up in beach-life paradise to a refreshing sea swim before strolling through soft sand to a gorgeous cafe where you’re greeted by welcoming smiles and a delicious, tailor made meal that tastes delicious and feels fabulous in your belly. Then the day is yours to enjoy – maybe a massage or snorkelling either side of a tasty lunch and then dinner watching the sky fill with a colourful sunset.


Wow 🤩 the happy healthy holiday is exactly that! You’re on holiday on the most magical island of Nusa Lembongan – home soft sand, warm waters and sensational sunsets. And unlike any other holiday I’ve ever been on I’m eating and drinking healthily and feeling great for it! I arrived stressed, overweight and feeling pretty bad about myself. I left relaxed, a whole lot thinner and feeling great! The program was tailor made and easy to follow and the team looked after me beautifully everyday.

Along the way I learnt so much about myself – why I eat the way I do, how this impacts on my life and a really practical and enjoyable way to do choose some different. I’ve been ‘dieting’ since I was a child and this is completely different. For the first time I feel I was honouring my journey with food and how it’s helped soothe me whilst experiencing a different relationship where I enjoy the tastes and feel of food as a way of eating to live rather than living to eat.


I also saw the potential of food freedom for the first time in a long time! The team really worked well to accomodate my food allergies (dairy and gluten) which meant I had day after me day of eating well and without worry. This was such a treat and also helped with bloating and acid reflux.


I’d highly recommend the happy healthy holiday – it’s a wonderful opportunity to eat and live well, learn what makes you tick and grow your happy.


If curiosity has piqued your interest, don’t hesitate to reach out. Feel free to send a message to Jamie via email or WhatsApp:

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