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Welcome to the hidden gem of Bali’s East Coast – Nusa Lembongan, home to Ginger & Jamu HQ! Now, you might be thinking, “Why haven’t I heard of this place before?” Well, it’s our little secret, and we’re thrilled to spill the beans (or should we say, jamu) to you!


Picture this – a charming and chilled island, just a short 30-minute fast boat ride away from the bustling Bali. Nusa Lembongan is where the real magic happens. From the incredible surfing and diving experiences to snorkeling with majestic Mantas and admiring vibrant coral reefs, this island is a treasure trove of unique adventures.


But wait, there’s more! Yoga enthusiasts will find their haven here, with a diverse yoga scene that will awaken your mind, body, and soul. And let’s not forget about the food – the rapidly evolving food scene on the island is a delightful surprise for any foodie looking for something special.



Meet the dynamic duo behind Ginger & Jamu – Jamie Chick and Sunny Richards! Their incredible journey began when Jamie attended Sunny’s very first Yoga teacher training in the beautiful Byron Bay. It was as if their joyful and happy hearts instantly recognized each other, leading to the start of a truly special partnership.


Sunny Richards is a firecracker of a lady! In her earlier life, she made waves as a professional surfer. Now, as a loving mother of twin boys and a gorgeous girl, she also acts as a motherly figure to countless Yoga students through her esteemed company, Santosha Yoga Institute. Sunny’s relaxed, happy, and can-do approach to life is infectious and inspiring – and it’s all thanks to her that Ginger & Jamu came into existence.


On the other hand, Jamie Chick complements Sunny perfectly with his specialized knowledge and extensive experience in the niche of healthy eating. After obtaining a degree in painting and sculpture, he chose a life of adventure, exploring the world while working in various aspects of the food and hospitality industry. Eventually, he found his passion in health food, with a unique approach that values balance and harmony over extremism. Spirituality based on a heart-centered way of life heavily influences his beliefs. As a trained holistic health coach with IIN and a skilled manager and leader of people, Jamie brings invaluable expertise to the table.


Currently, Jamie lives a happy, humble life with his wife and son in the stunning surroundings of Bali. Together, Jamie and Sunny form a powerhouse team, dedicated to promoting wellness and spreading positivity through Ginger & Jamu. Join us on our journey as we strive to inspire and nurture a healthier and happier world!

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